All about the Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative

Business and Finance are known throughout Dallas as important talents. Here, people earn their living through the blood, sweat and tears of ingenious hard-work. Bill Esping, a native of Dallas, is no exception.  Renowned for his extraordinary skill in leadership and management, Mr. Esping has contributed to the resounding success of many businesses over the years, including Cypress Lending Group, Ltd., and EFO Holdings, L.P. (the Esping Family Office).

Graduating from the highly-ranked Southern Methodist University, where his leadership and managerial talents were well-honed, one of his best efforts has been evidenced in the building of Esping Family Office, or EFO Holdings – an integral part of his life. Beyond that, Bill Esping has served in various leading positions such as founder, CEO, board member and other roles in companies like Pan Aero Energy Company, Resort Properties of Naples, L.P., Palm Beach Tan, Inc., Platinum Resources Organization, Smith Pipe, Inc., and SPA Drilling, L.P. Mr. Esping has held seats on the board of directors of Bellevue University and the reputable Cypress Lending Group, has been a leader of EFO Sponsor Realty Fund and the Esping Family Foundation, the Hospitality Linen Company, Waste Corporation of America, SPA Production, L.P., STG and others.

Mr. Esping has powerful philanthropic interests – this is clearly seen in his work of service, the Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative. This platform centers on providing financial support and awareness of legal aid issues through organizations in Dallas, Texas and nationwide, whose purpose is to help people with sound legal aid and counsel. The Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative does not provide support to individuals, rather through this initiative Mr. Esping has found he can impact many lives by supporting organizations that do the most good.

“The Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative funds and supports organizations like Disability Rights Texas.  People with disabilities represent at least 20% of the workforce in Texas, and ensuring that there is fair access to legal education and resources ensures that the Texas economy continues to excel.”

Indeed, the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that drives Mr. Esping is at the foundation of the Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative.  By providing a hand-up, instead of a hand-out, Mr. Esping is able to assist those most in need, and do the most good.

Learn more about the Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative at


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